Sweet Potato Fries and the US Federal Budget

by Chrysula on February 21, 2013 in children's health,social good

I know. You’re wondering, has she finally lost it. Because what on earth could the humble sweet potato possibly have to do with the US Federal Budget? Well, I’ll get there. But first…Some of you know I’m an Aussie. So my experiences with sweet potato have nothing to do with Thanksgiving or marshmallow (that’s a cultural divide I can’t quite cross cool). Instead, in my formative years I snacked on sweet potato fries. Thick wedges of oven baked goodness. To spice it up, we’d dip them in sweet chili sauce and a dob of sour cream (dob is so a proper term of measurement!). Mmmm, I’m having a memory lane moment right now. You can learn how to make your own sweet potato fries here. You’re welcome!

The important thing is that as long as you moderate those toppings and extras, the sweet potato packs a substantial nutritional punch. Last year, the ONE campaign had a Sweet Potato Day extravaganza to highlight this superfood, but also to draw our attention to global nutrition needs. This year they’re taking it a step further!

The Take Action Challenge

US Federal budget support for agricultural training and methods is key. Less than 1% of the US budget is spent on foreign assistance. I’d love your support to protect this small level of investment in smart programs that help millions gain access to food, medication and AIDS treatment. Go to ONE.org to add your voice.

Improper nutrition is the hidden killer of nearly 2 million children around the world. The sweet potato is a mascot for this issue, because of its nutritional impact and its ability to grow in many places. It’s literally saving lives. Sign the ONE.org nutrition petition here.

The nostalgia, warmth and satisfaction this ultimate comfort food gives me is one thing. But the chance to add my voice to the growing chorus to help hungry children get what they need and teach their parents how to be ultimately self sufficient is entirely another. The World Bank estimates that growth in agriculture is 2-4 times more effective than growth in other sectors at reducing poverty. Africa contains more than 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land. With the proper methods and investment, agricultural output could increase from $280 billion (2010) to $880 billion by 2030! The ability to get out of poverty and feed your family? There’s nothing that could compare.

So after you’ve enjoyed your favorite comfort food today, take action to help another do the very same thing.

1. Go to ONE.org to add your voice to protect the Federal budget for foreign aid (less than 1% of the overall budget!)

2.  Sign the ONE.org nutrition petition here.

3. Tweet this!

End World Hunger ONE Sweet Potato at a time!#sweetpotatolove http://bit.ly/W5XSIj

Join me in the fight against world hunger. #sweetpotatolove http://bit.ly/W5XSIj

Happy Sweet Potato Day! Lots of sweet potato yumminess and love to share!#sweetpotatolove http://bit.ly/W5XSIj

25 bloggers are writing about ONE’s favorite superfood: Sweet Potatoes! Learn recipes, then take action http://bit.ly/W5XSIj

Recipe: SimplyRecipes.com

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This is cross-posted from The Million Moms Challenge, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation and ABC News along with more than 30 partners to share global health issues for mothers and babies. I am the Community Manager–all opinions expressed here are my own.

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