November 2009

Got Friends?

We’ve been battered by cold and flu season.  Since September 4th, at least one member of my family has been sick to some degree.  And a couple of weeks ago, a bad cold-turned-bronchitis compounded by a double ear infection, almost flattened me.  Of course this period coincided with my husband’s most important time of year […]

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I have a friend in the professional services sector in New York, working in one of those pressure-cooker 24/7 type of environments I wrote about recently.  In fact I have a whole lot of friends in these industries.  They work insane hours and are, for the most part, remunerated very well.  Most of them laugh […]

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Is it Complicated? Hell Yeah!

Two articles from opposing ends of the work-life spectrum piqued my interest last week. The first starts out like this “You’re meeting with your boss. Your kid’s Halloween parade starts in an hour. If you’re going to make it, it’s time to go – now. What do you do?”  Whilst this piece is written with […]

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