October 2009

What Gets You Through Times That Take Everything You’ve Got?

Over at Blessed Nest Perch I’ve been musing on this issue.  Mostly at 3:00am it would seem.  But days (nights) that threaten to crush you can happen any time to any one, irrespective of whether it’s a crying infant, a family member or dear friend in crisis, a horrible day at work, or something deeply […]

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You Are Your Own “So What”

Having entered the blogosphere relatively recently, I hesitated a little at the vastness of the dialogue, the sheer massive number of voices on topics similar to those I write and think about.  I thought a great about the “so what?” question.  What’s my point of difference?  Why read my blog?  Why engage with me?  And […]

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The “Happy” Mirage

Emily Orton is a teacher and mother of five children living in Manhattan.  She home-schools her eldest four and cares for special needs baby “Mermaid”. She also happens to be a talented writer and life observer. With the recent discussions on the happiness of women and the many theories as to why the data is or […]

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