June 2012

Of Miracles and Details

I am seeking a long list of miracles. My prayers are filled with pleas for friends and family members with severely ill children, marriages I deeply care about unraveling, rebellious kids making life-damaging decisions, parents aching with worry and grief, loved ones dealing with addiction, lost jobs and struggling businesses, mental illness and an abundance […]

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Changing the World Through Partnership: Mothers & Fathers, Women & Men, Girls & Boys

As the world realizes that many of the solutions to our tough problems begin with educating and empowering women and girls, I shout “Amen”! But I also worry that we are leaving men and boys out of some of these pivotal conversations. We must be partners, we must be champions for each other. Women and girls cannot […]

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What is Rio + 20 and Why Should I Care?

LIVE CHAT: Learn about the Rio+20 Summit as world leaders focus on global sustainability. Join us Thursday June 7th, 1pm ET right here for a 30 minute live chat with the United Nations Foundation, Moms Clean Air Force, Moms Rising and Mom Bloggers for Social Good to discuss: What does Rio+20 mean for you and the rest of the planet? You […]

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