I Give Because I’m Selfish

by Chrysula on December 30, 2012 in empowering women and girls

GIVEIt’s year end donation time. Honestly, it makes me a bit sad how charitable organizations plead for final year end funds, reminding us to get our last tax deductible gifts in before the financial year ends. About one third of all giving happens in December and over one-fifth happens in the last two days of December.

The merits of regular monthly donations versus lump sum giving are a debate I’ll leave for the philanthropy experts. I’ll just say this–if you’ve got a few minutes and a little bit of money to share, please squeeze in a little more giving in these next couple of days before year end.

I give to charity not because I’m noble, or even good. I give because I’m selfish. I give because it’s a tenant of my faith. I give because it’s a duty and an obligation. And honestly, I give because I feel so much better when I do. There’s this incredible knock on effect. I cannot explain it other than through the language of religious belief. When I give, the blessings come back to me magnified far beyond my own efforts.

As one of my brothers said to me once, “I give because quite frankly, I can’t afford not to.”

Who are your favorite organizations to give to?

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