Kindness Begins With Me

  In the spirit of #keepinitreal, I am often unkind. I am compassionate. I have a heart for justice and equality. Yet, I can be blunt, judgmental and harsh – especially to those I love most. Perhaps it is part of being human. That doesn’t mean it is acceptable. That doesn’t mean it is who I […]

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Be Still My Soul

When my grandfather died, my three brothers and I sang at his funeral. My grandfather was a professional singer and had a divine voice, well suited to liturgical music. He would have been a little critical of our diction no doubt – getting those consonant endings crisp enough was a pet peeve. We acquitted ourselves […]

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30 Days of Gratitude

Nov 1:  God. For offering me forgiveness and atonement. Nov 2: Beloved. There are not enough words. Nov 3: Our children with all their fierce fire and energy. Nov 4: My parents, brothers and their families who are so far away. Nov 5: My work. LOVE what I do and who I do it with. […]

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