30 Days of Gratitude

by Chrysula on December 1, 2013 in life

Nov 1:  God. For offering me forgiveness and atonement.

Nov 2: Beloved. There are not enough words.

FierceNov 3: Our children with all their fierce fire and energy.

Nov 4: My parents, brothers and their families who are so far away.

Nov 5: My work. LOVE what I do and who I do it with.

Nov 6: Beloved’s family. A girl could not have married into better.

Nov 7: My name. I’ve always loved it. I am named for my Aunt, whose passion I miss every day, even though she’s been gone (from this life) for 15 years.

Nov 8: Whilst I have pretty dismal health insurance, I have it. And good doctors, nurses and other health workers along with it. Even better? Healthy kids! (and after living with various siblings and extended family with massive health challenges, I know what that means).

SunsetNov 9: Because even though the children were outrageously naughty today, and Costco was beyond heinous, there was this to look at the end of it all.

Nov 10: Church each Sunday resets me in such a meaningful way. I say sorry, I dust off my mistakes and start again.

Nov 11: My very own vets — my two grandfathers (WWII, Navy, Air Force) and my Dad (Vietnam, Navy). Lest we forget.

Nov 12: Cool clean water to drink, and hot showers on demand.

Nov 13: Electricity with all its wonders and gifts.

Nov 14: Safe births for each of my children and amazing care during/after my two miscarriages.

Nov 15: You. Community is a gift, online and offline. Special gratitude to those who lifted my family this weekend as we juggled my neck injury and meetings all over the place.

Nov 16: Medicine. I hurt my neck over a week ago and it’s getting worse. The pain is at times unbearable but the right meds have helped me manage my responsibilities.

Beloved in rare moment of leisureNov 17: Beloved. I know I listed him earlier in the month but if you could see how he’s supported me this past week despite his own massive deadlines and projects…He is so tired, works so hard and all I can do is give thanks.

Nov 18: Music! Singing, humming, annoying children and Beloved with bursts of Kaskade/Avicii and then sudden shifts to MoTab or Mozart ALL at FULL VOLUME.

Nov 19: Errands or a quick treat with just one of my kids. Precious solo time. We need more of it.

Nov 20: Gathering in a room full of incredibly talented people and just absorbing the energy and intellect all around me.

Nov 21: Being able to turn my neck with out wanting to cry for the first time in 10 days.

Nov 22: Laptop, mobile phone and portable WiFi. Technology is wonderful!

Nov 23: Warm coat and gloves on a bitterly cold day. And hot chocolate with whipped cream. Sometimes it’s the little things.

30 Days of GratitudeNov 24: My kids faces lined up at the bottom of my bed this morning after not seeing them since Thursday.

Nov 25: Being a global girl. I’ve lived in 5 countries and 10 cities, traveled all over the world and learned we all love, hurt, rejoice and laugh in pretty much the same ways.

Nov 26: America. This country has been very, very good to me. I love our rich conglomeration of heritages, freedoms of religion and expression that are held so dear. Whilst there are many things I worry about, ultimately “this land is your land, this land is my land…this land was made for you and me.”

Nov 27: Australia. As I get older, I miss it more and give thanks for the values of work hard, play hard and don’t take yourself too seriously that it gave me. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Nov 28: Friends. Friends from primary school, high school, University; friends from all the places I’ve lived, all the jobs I’ve had, special projects I’ve worked on, all the churches I’ve worshipped; friends from my digital life who’ve proved just as true; friends who have become family (who know who you are). And it all boils down to the gift of human connection for which I am deeply, deeply grateful.

PavlovaNov 29: An abundance of healthy food choices and occasional indulgences, but mostly the people who are around the table when I break bread.

Nov 30: A grateful heart. The process of reflecting on my blessings has been powerful. I have always believed the key to a rich life is to be thankful. I haven’t always practiced it. But focusing on the gifts in my life has proven to be a magical experience.

With love, and of course, gratitude,

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