That Whole Mommy Wars Thing

by Chrysula on April 13, 2012 in work life balance

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I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks and internet access has been spotty. After 26 hours of traveling followed by a delicious hot shower, many hugs from my family and a good night’s sleep, I settled in to get caught up on my social media feeds this morning.

My horror at discovering the “mommy wars” were back was only exceeded by my exhaustion over such a tired debate. Ugh! Seriously? This is a fake topic. And both sides of the political aisle know it. Hilary Rosen made a stupid and highly offensive comment about Anne Romney’s life’s work.

However, what we really need to be talking about are the issues underpinning how motherhood is truly valued. We all know that all mothers work. Pretty much all of the time. This and other nations’ track records on the rhetoric of motherhood versus the reality of policies that support mothers is less than stellar.

Whilst we are talking mothers and work, did you know, for example, that in Africa, women are responsible for 80% of the continent’s food production? Let’s keep it all in perspective shall we? For a stunning essay on exactly this element of the so-called “mommy-wars” conversation, read Catherine Connor’s latest post, The Work of the Heart.

Whether we are being paid in cash, produce or kisses, mothers make the world go around. And generally we don’t judge each other’s choices, despite the media frenzy suggesting that we do.

Note: Updated April 16th to include relevant links.

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