Faith, Mercy and Letting Go

Last night in a special church meeting, I received a pink balloon (not a typical church experience!), along with my 400 fellow congregates. It represented two things. The first was to honor the memory of Emilie Parker, who lost her life almost a year ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The second purpose was an […]

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Tweens Praying Over the Spaghetti

I’m in the land of tweens and I have no idea what I’m doing. Mean girls are everywhere. There’s lots of signs I’m doing this all wrong (me, not her). But every now and then there is a moment, and it changes everything. You can mentally allow yourself to fast forward to a future global […]

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Of Miracles and Details

I am seeking a long list of miracles. My prayers are filled with pleas for friends and family members with severely ill children, marriages I deeply care about unraveling, rebellious kids making life-damaging decisions, parents aching with worry and grief, loved ones dealing with addiction, lost jobs and struggling businesses, mental illness and an abundance […]

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