What is Balance Anyway? *

by Chrysula on December 4, 2009 in defining,finding,work life balance

Balance is when I behave in a way that is integrated with what I value.  Balance is when I honor my highest good and that of those around me with my words and my actions.  Balance is when I do what I love and I am in a state of “flow”.

Balance is not about hours assigned to different sections of my life.  It’s about doing what’s most important when it’s most important and being present in it.

* I just joined the Craving Balance Learning Community with Head Coach Lisa Gates.  You should have a look at what she’s created.  It’s extraordinary.  The above post is in response to her question, “What is Balance Anyway?”

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Lisa Gates December 6, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Thank you my friend. Loving the great women we're atracting, thanks to you!

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