A Wish For All Girls

by Chrysula on February 6, 2012 in asking,children's health,empowering women and girls

My seven year old brought this home in her backpack. She had two wishes for the beginning of the year. One was to not be mean to her brothers and sister and this was the other one. Both brought me incredible joy.

A friend posted on Facebook how incredible it is when a child can take something so incredibly profound (and complex) and just “get it”. On some level, my girl gets it. I’m not sure how. She doesn’t understand the horrific details. She just knows that for some girls, playing and homework and aspirations are not an option. She knows in some places teens get husbands picked for them and have children too young. That school is a pipe dream. And on some very basic level, she understands these things are not OK.

Now for what she and us will do about it. Everything changes for a society when girls get to go to school, get access to healthcare, marry at more appropriate ages. It’s called the Girl Effect.

One of my favorite groups is www.girlup.org. Their whole mission is to help girls “get it”. And then do something about it.

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www.girlup.org is an initiative of the UN Foundation. I am so lucky to work with the UN Foundation as the Community Manager for the Million Moms Challenge. Go learn more!


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