6 People Who Have Made Work-Life Balance Work

by Chrysula on October 5, 2011 in work life balance

With the “how does she (or he) do it?” question getting plenty of airtime at present due to Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie, I am thrilled that work place flexibility guru, Rex Flexibility over at the Huffington Post, has shared some of our Work Life Stories series. He showcases 6 fabulous people who just do it!

These men and women make it work because they are willing to consider creative, thoughtful solutions that are anchored with great communication in their households. And they are willing to try and test new ways of doing things.

See the complete slideshow here. And then come back and read the full Work Life Stories in depth. This movement is all about helping each other see the possibilities. It is the only solution to each of us living to our true potential and fulfilling our life’s work.

If you have a great work life story, or know someone who does, please share! You can reach me here or comment below. So how do YOU do it?!

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Josh Peete March 10, 2012 at 8:33 pm

Seeing people who have achieved work-life balance gives hope to those with tons of responsibility – like myself… It can happen…

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