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Work life reform and social good are two parts of the same whole.”

As I have dived deeper and deeper into the work life balance conversation, particularly in an American context, I have not been able to hide my shock and anger at the language I find surrounding mothers in the formal workplace. Denigrating, patronizing, and in some instances dangerous.

It has pushed me to seek for more knowledge. In so doing, the work life issue has let me to a hunger for more equity, more goodness in the world. It has led me to witness the power of radical platforms like blogging, like Facebook, like Twitter, to create dialogue and generate action.

This blog has been the burgeoning voice for a growing list of issues I am passionate about. I have concluded that whilst I view work life balance of part of a more global systemic discussion, that my mother activism and social good posts should have a different forum. I’d love to welcome you over to When You Wake Up A Mother, if you’d like to continue reading on those topics. It will be my more personal blog, and focus predominantly on mothers and our capacity to truly help change the world.

Work life balance will remain – I have not lost one ounce of passion for this topic. I believe work life reform and social good are two parts of the same whole. We cannot change the fundamental structures of our society if we feel like mice on a wheel. Every element is interconnected. As we reject some of the traditional rigidity of industrial age models and figure out together more fluid and mutually beneficially contemporary models, not only will be find answers for wellness and health and family development, but we will also unlock more energy and intellectual capacity to heal the world’s most pressing concerns.

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For Heart And Soul September 22, 2011 at 9:22 pm

I’m so fortunate to have a boss (male) who values family and children. He works hard himself and his wife and children would love to see more of him, but if I need time off for anything, he is generous in his support. That helps me not feel guilty, and I tend to work even harder in my job as a consequence.

Chrysula September 23, 2011 at 7:57 pm

For Heart and Soul, I love that you have this example and the real support that goes with it in your work. Middle and senior management of organizations are the absolute crux of this issue. If they can see it working, it magically works! Do you find his attitude permeates the organization, or do you have to be lucky to be in the right department?

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