Making Your Case for Having a Life

by Chrysula on May 7, 2011 in defining,dreaming,finding,planning,work life balance

You’re drowning in tasks and a list of priorities longer than you can possibly fit into any reasonable life, and your dreams of contribution, progression and quality time with those you love are getting way-laid. It’s time for *the* conversation. With your spouse. With your kids. With your communities. With your boss. And then there’s the big one… with your self.

Get grounded in your values all over again, and then arm yourself with knowledge, a sound business case, and a team of cheerleaders to truly, consciously craft the life balance that makes sense for you.

I am obsessed with work and home life policies and practices that actually work for our lives! What do you really want and what is most important in your life? I’ll help you create your case and hold you accountable while you go and get it.

Three of the She Negotiates coaches have tailored coaching groups for a maximum of four participants. For details on Scaffolding for Entrepreneurs and Creatives led by Lisa Gates and Productivity Tools with the Tech Diva coached by Candy Zulkosky, go here.

Join our small group for focused and tailored attention on what you need most to be who you’re meant to be and honoring your highest priorities. Contact me here with your questions and thoughts. If this resonates for you, let’s find a way to make it work!

Registration Details

Making Your Case for Having a Life
$250/month for 3 months
Thursdays at 5 p.m. PT / 8 ET
75 minutes / 4 people max
12 sessions, May 26–Aug 11

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