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This week I am honored by Whitney Johnson’s invitation to guest on Dare to Dream, a blog I thoroughly enjoy, recommend and quote often. Here’s a brief extract from “Oh My Goodness: I Left My Voice on the Bus.”

“… It’s not that I don’t enjoy corporate life. I do. And I am good at it. However, particularly in the USA, I find it a limiting framework when you want to do anything out of the ordinary: have a family; extensively travel; care for a parent; dip in and out of the workforce for any old reason just to experience life. There is a rigidness, both culturally and legislatively, that makes truly flexible work-life balance in corporate settings difficult in this country. In fact, the day after I was offered my dream job (in another city) I resigned.

Most days, being at home is enough. I have amazing children. I know you do too. Or your nieces and nephews or friends’ children are incredible. I was never this smart at these ages. Never this spiritually connected. Certainly never this interesting. I love being my children’s mother. A few years into being at home full-time however, I realized something. I did not feel heard.”

For the whole story on my on-going search to find the balance between listening and speaking, nurturing the dreams of others and nurturing my own, join me at Dare to Dream.


Bonnie Tonita White August 28, 2009 at 12:05 am

I found your blog through Whitney's Dare to Dream.I would have loved something like a blog when I was a young Mom. It can be very isolating and I did often feel invisible while those of my working friends and my husband were doing very visible, tangible things. I am working on finding my voice – started blogging about six months ago. It's not completely authentic yet – my life dream is to say something or in this case write something worth hearing or reading. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel August 30, 2009 at 1:15 pm

I love your writing and your thoughts. I love the way you express thoughts and experiences I relate so acutely to. I am glad you have found a forum where some part of your voice can be heard. I like to hear it.

I am still working on my 'new voice'. So many transitions, so many ideas and so many senses have been awakened, yet ironically, so much confidence crushed. Thanks for the opportunity to 'join a debate', I'm going to enjoy figuring this all out with such inspiring women sharing.

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