Big Important Things I Am Grateful For, Including You

by Chrysula on November 22, 2012 in parenting,story-telling

Possibly my very favorite thing about living in America is Thanksgiving. I may never understand sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, but that aside, it’s a wonderful day. Now I know the politics of pilgrims and Native Americans aren’t straight forward and that part of what this day represents is anchored in history we don’t like to face. But the broader principles of a day to celebrate the harvest and give thanks for the abundance of life, love and family? That is a spectacular thing.

We’re spending it with dear loved ones. My husband is prepping the turkey for it’s 6 hour sojourn in the oven. My friend has baked pumpkin, apple and key lime pies. The kids are outside on a beautiful day. And I’m typing this on my laptop in bed, as I give extra thanks for a few minutes of peace.

It’s been an insane few months. I’ve missed the regular opportunity to share all that’s going on in this space that brings me so much joy. But I’d be remiss on this day, not to give thanks for you. Thank you for being willing to read my words. My rants, my frustrations, my calls to action, my celebrations. Thank you for joining me to help change outcomes for the world’s most vulnerable. Thank you for sharing your wisdom when I hit a roadblock in raising my children, that I have no clue how to get around.

In the frenzy that is my blessed but oh so busy life, this little corner of the internets you share with me, gives me peace, hope and motivation. It gives me courage, strength and spurs me on. So yes, I’m grateful for blogging. It has been a staggering revolution in the way we communicate and broadcast our thoughts, feelings and ideas around the world. It is a gift to be a tiny part of it.

Just a Few Other Big Important Things I Am Grateful For

  • A God who keeps welcoming me back into His arms, no matter how many mistakes I make.
  • My Beloved, who works his heart out for our family, truly co-parents and co-runs our home with me, and consistently reminds me of his love.
  • Our children, who are stretching me beyond what I feel capable most days and showing me every flaw I’ve ever had (magnified by 1,000). And yet, they are the joy of my soul.
  • My family, and Beloved’s family, who are all so far away physically, but constantly with us.
  • Clean running water and hot showers.
  • Electricity and lights and heat.
  • Freedom of expression and the messiness of democracy.
  • My church and school communities.
  • Social media and the power of global connectedness.
  • Running shoes and the restorative power of pushing my body.
  • Trader Joe’s mango bars and Darrell Lea Aussie licorice, ripe avocados, fresh Australian prawns, cheese and every delectable item I’m about to eat today.
How about you? Answer in the comments, in between bites of turkey and pie!

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