Why Social Good Summit is My Favorite Event of the Year

by Chrysula on September 22, 2012 in children's health,empowering women and girls,mothering,social good

Three years in to the ground breaking event that is the Social Good Summit, I still pinch myself that I get to be a part of it! A host of conversations with world leaders, companies, nonprofits and representatives from various United Nations agencies opens up the world of the UN to the world via digital media. The focus is always on how bloggers, writers, and everyday people can use their social networks to share what’s really happening in the world with their communities.

The United Nations Foundation, Mashable, 92Y, the Gates Foundation, UNDP and Ericsson are this year breaking the mould with satellite Social Good Summits happening in Kenya and China and hundreds of meet ups around the world adding their voices to the global digital conversation. How is new media and technology solving the world’s great problems and what can you and I do to get engaged in those solutions? This is the question that underpins the summit. And ideas are being gathered from literally every corner of the world!

There’s always the question about these things — is anything being done or is it all just talk? I know that my involvement in social good has opened not only my eyes to the world, but the eyes of my community. I know people around me have advocated with their elected representatives, given more money and shared in their social channels directly because of what I’ve shared with them from my global learning. And I know that what the global cooperative of governments, nonprofits, organizations and individuals are doing is working. Last week we learned from UNICEF that 14,000 less children die each day than did in 1990. 14,000 children!!!

But 19,000 still die every day from preventable causes. And the world’s work is not done. So join me for the conversation. And then ACT. Give, call, write, share, advocate for the world’s most vulnerable and together we are solving the great challenges of our time.

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