Are You Glued to the Olympics? What Do They Represent for You?

by Chrysula on July 30, 2012 in children's health,mothering

I’m not  sporty person, but like millions, I’m transfixed by the Olympics. I consumed every moment I could of the opening ceremony, quietly teary as the athletes of the 204 competing nations entered the stadium. By the lighting of the cauldron I gave up all pretense of not crying. It was a monumental moment.

“As sports men and women, it is important for all of us to use our privileged positions to raise awareness about the challenges that some of the less fortunate among us have to face.” Paul Tergat.

There is something utterly stunning about a life time of commitment to a dream. Particularly because we know most of these athletes begin that journey at a young age.

We wonder who we could be if we had that kind of dream, that kind of discipline?

And as P&G movingly showed us, that kind of mother?

The world stops for the Olympics because this level of competition in any field, shows us excellence. It also shows us nations can come together, weapons can be laid down and sometimes hard luck stories can be turned around.

Take these four Olympic athletes, all working with the World Food Program. Kenyan marathoner Paul Tergat came to school for meals as much as learning. It paid off. Cuban hurdler Dayron Robles was anaemic and school meals helped him recover. Read more about them and others here.

Every Olympics is filled with stories of incredible obstacles overcome and against-all-odds achievements. Every Olympics is filled with stories of individuals, teams, coaches, families and communities. Every Olympics is filled with stories where humanity won over nationalism.

Is it a cliche? The symbolism of the world coming together? Maybe. But I say bring it on!

Because we know what is possible for our world when we have this kind of dream, this kind of discipline, and these kinds of mothers. 

Are you watching? What do the Olympics represent for you?

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