7 Reasons Not to Run a Half-Marathon and 1 Reason Why I Am

by Chrysula on March 8, 2012 in empowering women and girls,mothering,social good,women

This is not me. (credit: iStockphoto.com)

In case you’re wondering, we’re using the term “run” here in lose terms. More accurate would be half walk, half run, but I’m going to claim “run” for the purposes of this exercise.

Back in October, as I stared down the barrel of another hated New England winter, I came up with a crazy plan. I would train for a half-marathon in the Spring, thus dragging my butt through the long cold months with a goal to sustain me. Along the way, I’ve discovered at least seven reasons why this was a completely insane idea.

1. I am old. 43 year old bodies, especially out of shape ones that have borne four children, don’t move as well, recover as quickly and literally creak when you get out of bed some mornings. It’s pathetic, but there you have it.

2. I am injured. That sounds worse than it is. But my left shoulder and right hip are giving me grief, and have for weeks. No amount of ibuprofen seem to help. Don’t tell me to go to the specialist. I know.

3. It’s cold. I know it’s the mildest winter on record (if not on record, then at least in my 12 years in the New York area). However, it still sucks to get out of bed and run in the cold. The end.

4. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder – aka I get really “low” in the winter months. Going for the run is the best possible cure and helps me get through it. Also, this year’s weather being so much milder than usual has helped. Still, when you are down, even if your brain says “run” it’s hard to make your body do it.

5. I keep getting sick. Are you annoyed yet with all my whining? Stick with me, we’re nearly done. Sinus infection for 3 weeks that literally felt like a war going on in my brain. Yeah, that.

6. I have an insane schedule. You too? Oh well, scratch that one.

7. I am not Christy Turlington. She of the super model, ING marathoner, Every Mother Counts variety.

And then there’s the reason I am running. Only one? Actually, there are many. My amazing team mates, my family and their constant encouragement, the feeling of power and energy I have every time I complete a hard run, the buzz my brain gets from the adrenaline release. But honestly, only one thing has kept me at this.

I committed to Every Mother Counts last year that I would run for all mothers. That I would run to say no to 350,000 women dying in pregnancy and childbirth related complications each year. That I would run to help stop the 90% of these deaths that are preventable with decent access to medical care. That I would run to help more midwives reach rural women who walk miles to clinics to get the care they need.

I launched my fundraising page yesterday on Crowdrise. In 24 hours we hit 25% of our goal! Thank you! We have 16 more days til our race and 23 more days til the fundraiser closes. Will you help me? Donate early and donate often right here!

It’s International Women’s Day. Giving every mother a chance to raise her children is a great way to celebrate. Give your heart out  my friends. Gratitude. And please share this post with all your friends!

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