I’m Over It

by Chrysula on November 16, 2011 in reforming

I am over supermarket tabloids and trashy magazines. I am over pages and pages of vitriolic comments on news websites from anonymous members of the “public”, no matter what the issue. I am over deadlocked budget negotiations and self absorbed politicians. I am over a teetering European economy sending constant shock waves through a jumpy Wall Street.

And I am really over women and children being raped. Over mothers dying in childbirth and children dying from vaccine preventable diseases, dirty water, mosquito bites and cooking smoke inhalation. And I’m over all the people who could do something about these things being too busy because they’re reading supermarket tabloids, trashy magazines and writing pages and pages of vitriolic comments on news websites. Did I mention I was over those things?

I know, I sound like a self-righteous prig. But honestly. Just had to vent today.

What do you do when the apparent indifference of humanity becomes overwhelming? How do you re-anchor yourself in optimism and more importantly, in action? In need of your ideas.

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Julie November 17, 2011 at 7:13 am

Bell curve and entropy and priorities and Chaos and String and Gaia.

It’s easy to see the big grand gestures that people do. The amazing people who bring visibility to homeless people by videotaping a cross country roadtrip. The spectacular group of women who travel to Africa and donate time every week to raising awareness.

It’s harder to see the little things. The woman flipping through People and giggling about Real Housewives who always brings two meals to a family with a new baby. The small club of school children pooling dimes and nickels for charity:water. The parent who hands off a new coat to a child’s classmate’s mother saying, “This has been wasted in the closet, he just won’t wear it.”

I have to stop and think of people in terms of stop shot snapshots instead of video. I don’t have the 3D view of their lives; I only have a few photos in a row. And we insulate ourselves as we need. Because, as with any other emotion, we can only tolerate real for so long.

And I think of fractals, the ability to find patterns in seeming chaos. The ability to find good in seeming indifference. String, an apparent order and connectivity. Gaia, how one action influences another. Bell curves, where people do not reside in one portion but instead where moments of their lives fall at different times along the curve. Entropy, and how heat flows to lower temperatures. Measurements of energy. Priorities, and how we place them.

So maybe today I RT something. But someone else sees it and picks it up. Or not. Maybe tomorrow or yesterday I do more. I think of the times I and others have surprised me with generosity.

Hope that helps!

Chrysula November 17, 2011 at 7:23 am

Oh Julie, it DOES! Gratitude to you, a) for your exquisite prose and b) for that critical call to avoid, avoid, avoid judgement!

Maybe the deeper issue for me is that not that trivia and escapism exist – because, hello, everyone has their form of indulgences and they are indeed essential for survival. We must be able to “switch off” here and there. It’s that perception that these distractions have become all consuming, have become the end game.

You are absolutely right . It’s critical to create room for surprise and allowance. Thank you. xo

Michelle November 17, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Two things help me on days like this:
1) Trying to focus on what *I* feel I can do. When I feel things feeling out of control, I focus on my own spheres of control and influence. It helps me to separate the things I care about (which is all the things you list, and, of course, much, much more) and the things I can actually, right now, do. Which is relatively very little, but it saves my energy to actually do those things rather than worrying about the many things that I can’t do. I think different people are given different passions for a reason. (And, lady, your passions cover an awful lot of territory, starting with your own family and including plenty of other good!)
2) I go to my roots of belief of the really big picture.

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