Why Does the World Mourn for Steve Jobs and Not the Millions?

by Chrysula on October 19, 2011 in asking,mothering,social good,story-telling

For several days the unsettling thought has niggled in my mind. My Facebook newsfeed showed I was not alone, as several friends shared this image on their walls.

I understand why. An iconic genius, a visionary and a man who inspired so many of us on our creative journeys deserves the attention of the world in his passing. But I’ve never seen my Facebook or Twitter feeds react to anything like the evening Jobs’ passing was announced, myself included!

Yet I am left wandering, what will it take for us to light up on behalf of the Horn of Africa? Or for ending child marriage, a key obstacle to Africa’s future progression?

Ways we can light up today:

Share USAID’s FWD campaign.

Watch the ONE.org/MOMS video featuring some of my favorite bloggers on the planet and join the “It Only Takes ONE Mom” campaign.

Join the Million Moms Challenge at ABC News. If you blog, grab the code on the bottom right hand side of the MMC community page.

Join the Million Moms Community

What are your suggestions? How can we find the connection, the moment when we care, and light up in action?

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Photo credit: Original creator of image unknown. Please let me know if it was you!

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